• Smooth Scraper

Smooth Scraper

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With our multi-functional toolkit, you can use it without switching between multiple tools. Overall, it can help you reduce the waste of sealant, without the use of tape, convenient and quick to use, saving money and time.


Universal Tips: Comes with 6 different trowel tips to fit your needs, letting you make the sealant smooth and spread evenly for a perfectly white, clean caulk line!

Ergonomic Design: Anti-slip handle provides stable gripping. Also comes with an easy push-pull button for quick switch between scraper and silicone trowels.

7 in 1 plug tool:This upgraded set of plug tools is an ideal auxiliary tool for all sealing operations, which can improve the adhesion quality and surface aesthetics.

Ease of use: Scraper-stainless steel scraper and silicone spatula in two modes. The former removes stubborn old glue, and the latter removes surface protrusions and depressions, completing most of the silicone work, any edges, corners and seams.

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